My Little Superhero Prints

Happy Thursday!  

Well today is my last day here in Kansas with my family, I'm all packed up and ready for the early Friday am drive back to West Virginia.  

I have semi-relaxed this week although I did bring my laptop and graphics tablet so I could work on some new winter designs for the shop.

I've also been tinkering around with this blog just a bit, so if things seem wonky at all, they will be worked out soon :) 

Although it's not quite ready for release yet--I need to work up a few more samples and design a color selection chart--I wanted to share a new personalized print that I hope to release next week:  

Superhero Sample 

My Little Superhero will be completely customizable:  you can add a name, choose two colors for the outfit, choose a background color, choose hair color and skintone as well.  

I'm also thinking of doing a girlie version with either a princess or a ballerina.  Maybe :)  

What do you think about this new print?  I hope to be adding him to the shop next week, so he will arrive in plenty of time for the holidays!