Drawing a Winter Wonderland

You know, I've always loved winter. . .in theory.  I like to look at winter and think about winter but when it comes to actually dragging myself out into the cold and snow for more than 30 minutes, I tend to get a bit pouty.  

I like to say that I'm a bit of a transitional season kinda gal, spring and autumn have always been favorite times for me.  

But I also just love to draw wintery things so I've added some new winter sparkle to the shop--even though Halloween hasn't passed yet :)  

You might recognize a couple of these from last year, but they've been given a new look:  

Snow Bunny Print


A Little Holiday Cheer Print


A Little Holiday Cheer Flat Notecards


A Little Holiday Cheer Stickers


Chilly Penguin Personalized Stickers

And there are a few more wintery goodies to be found here in my shop as well.