Busy and Thankful for it!

I'm hoping that all my readers here in the states had a perfect Thanksgiving!  Mine was wonderful, filled with lots of family and friends and great food.  I'm still regretting the enormous piece of chocolate pie I had, but my mother made it just for me so I had to eat it, right?  

The shop has been so very busy for the last few months, I'm just flattered and thrilled and slightly exhausted from packaging so many orders.  But mostly just happy that all my constant hard work seems to be paying now as my little business stretches and grows.  It's a great feeling!  

I'm so glad that my new 11x14 and 13x19 prints are being well-received and I hope to be adding more new things to the shop for the holiday and also for the new year.  Here's what's in the works:  

-more big prints, probably a large ABC Letter print featuring all 26 animals and maybe some owl prints

-large Kokeshi dolls

-three more fairytale portraits

-a free holiday printable item

-new stretch canvas prints, small ones mostly

-the personalized superhero print I've been working on

-custom portraits--probably not til after the holidays

-more owl and Kokeshi doll stuffies soon

Now the big thing is finding time to do all these new things, plus send out orders and work on my existing projects.  Time machine, anyway?  

Just for fun, before I go, here is a cute little commission I just completed for a client:  

GreenGrassyField Complete copy 

Nichole is putting together a fantastic gift for her boyfriend, requesting custom portraits from several different artists and having them framed altogether.  This one is little, about 3x4 inches.  

And before I sign off for the night, here is a quick photo of me in my studio.  I generally don't share photos of myself because I generally don't like them, but I sort of like this one of me in my little studio(which still needs to be painted!): 

Stephanie Fizer 2