Setting Goals and Making Lists

Anyone who knows me, knows that I like to make lists.  Like probably isn't even a strong enough word because it's almost a compulsion.  I make lists for everything:  groceries, home improvement projects, music downloads, books to read, business goals, new art/product ideas, marketing strategies.  You get the point.  

There's just something very tangible about making a list.  When I feel too overwhelmed with work, I take a break to make a list of everything I need to finish and then suddenly once it's down on paper and I cross things off as they are finished, I feel less crazy, less likely to cry at any given moment.  

The problem with making so many lists is that I tend to have them scattered about.  I recently go into the habit of using little notebooks to avoid having a trillion loose sheets of paper floating around, so now I just have a bunch of notebooks hanging out in a little container on the corner of my desk, within quick reach:  


I've got a good system going here.  The one in the back is for notes on home stuff, things I'd like to do, color ideas and some reference material.  The next one is for business stuff like writing out goals and plans.  Then I've got a journal to keep track of long term art ideas, things I don't have time for right now, but want to work on in the future, ideas for new series of work.  Next I keep two small notebooks for just random things like grocery lists, workout lists and book lists.  And then that last little green notebook is full of current art and product ideas, things I'm working on right now or things I hope to start working on soon.  

It seems like a crazy lot, but it helps me stay organized and really cleanses my little soul to have everything written down and just hanging out on my desk.  

I was browsing through the second notebook today, the one for business stuff and I realized that I've actually met all of my goals for 2009:

-I've almost hit the 1500 sales mark--I'm only one sale away!

-I've achieved a more cohesive look in my work

-I've expanded my business to include my freelance work and have even done some wedding invitation design this year

-I've already sold WAY over 300 holiday cards

-I've tried out a few personalized items including party invites

-And I've picked up a few new wholesale clients this year.  

Honestly it all seems a bit surreal.  A bit over a year ago, I was still working on dreaded day job, just dreaming of being free to pursue something that I loved.  And now I'm in the lucky position to do what I love every day.  

I've exceeded the goals that I set for myself and have far surpassed the monetary goal I initially set for myself too.  What a great feeling to finally see the results of all the hardwork I've put into my little fledging business.  

I can't wait to see how I grow and change in the coming year!

But for now, I'm off to make more lists ;)