A Crispness In The Air

Oh thank goodness it's Friday!  What a busy, busy, exciting, fun week this has been!  Exciting things are brewing around here, that's for sure :)  

For right now, I have a new print to introduce.  The Boo Crew was such a popular limited edition print, that I've decided to create a series from it.  Each month I will release a new print featuring a darling group of kids.  The print will be a limited edition available for two months, through the last day of the month following its release.  

Then after all 12 prints have been released, I will release the entire set at the end of next year as a 2011 calendar.  And as an added bonus for those who want to collect every print, you get the calendar for free if you have all 12 limited edition prints.  For those that missed out on the Boo Crew this year, I will rerelease it next year to complete the set.  

And without further ado, here is the newest print: 

A Certain Crispness In The Air 7 

A Crispness In The Air is available as a signed and numbered 5x7 print now through December 31st.  A new print will be released at the beginning of next month :)  

PS-Later this weekend I will be posting a brief tutorial on the creation of this illustration.  I've been getting a lot of questions about my method and although I won't go into exact details, I'm going to give you a little peek into my process :D