A Little Shop Update: Cards and Bookmarks

Well, I'm hoping you had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend :)  This evening I've got a few new items added into the shop that I wanted to share:  

Bookish owl notecards 5 

Bookish Owl Personalized Notecards  After tons of custom requests for these, I decided it was a good time to actually make them available for everyone in the shop.

Calling cards 4 

Kokeshi Doll Calling Cards  These were previously available in my Digital Sweets shop--which by the way is officially closed today, you can find a small selection of printables in this section of my regular shop.  These calling cards, however, are already printed for you in packs of 50.  Calling cards seem to be gaining popularity these days, especially among busy moms, so I'm testing the waters with these and might be adding a few additional designs soon.  

And last but not least, 

Bookmark 2 

I've added a few new bookmarks to the shop as well.  You'll be happy to know that I've reduced the price of bookmarks from $5 to $4 now.  But please note, I currently have about one of each bookmark design available, so get 'em if you want 'em.  From now on, I will be adding new bookmarks to the shop in batches and will add new batches every few weeks.  If you would like to order custom bookmark designs, or large quantities, feel free to contact me through my shop or by clicking the contact link up at the top of this page :)

And that's all for the quick update, darlings!  Now I'm going to try to relax a bit for this last bit of the weekend :)