Snow Day!

We woke up at 7am to this sight:  


I think perhaps Seth was a bit cranky that he had to venture out to work in that mess.  I was certainly glad that I got to stay snugged up in the house!  


It looks like we'll be getting about 6 inches of snow where I live, but about 45 minutes away, my parents have gotten a foot of snow and currently have no power.  So we're lucky to have just gotten the tail end of the storm.  

 After spending a bit of time cleaning up the sidewalk, stairs and driveways, I spent a good time running around the yard with this crazy pup:  

 But now I'm back in the house all toasty and warm, getting ready to curl up with a new stack of books and a cup of hot chocolate!  

I'm hoping everyone else is having a delightful winter day too :)