A Peppermint Wonderland

A Peppermint Wonderland 

Look!  It's the new limited edition print release for December, A Peppermint Wonderland.

Now I'm making a small change to how the limited editions are going to work.  Previously, I planned on only selling each print for two months before retiring it.  However, quite a few people missed out on October's print, The Boo Crew so now instead of being limited to a specific time frame, these monthly limited edition prints will now be limited to 50 numbered prints.  

There will no longer be a time limit, which will make it a bit easier for those who discover the set in mid-release.  

For those who have already purchased The Boo Crew prints back in October, your numbered prints are still valid, they are taken from the 50 available prints.  

I certainly hope this hasn't been too confusing!  I think it's the best way to make sure that everyone can grab a bit of the cuteness.  

Now I'm off to listen to some holiday music and package more orders!