Permission Granted

Snow Bunny 

Snow Bunny Print from my shop

Merry Christmas, snow bunnies!  I'm dropping in for early holiday wishes today because after working like a crazy person for several months, I have finally given myself permission to step back, relax and just breathe.  

So that means I will be a bit quieter in the internet world.  No blog posts until after the New Year and not so much twittering and Facebooking.

The shop will remain open and I will continue to ship orders on a regular basis.    

This holiday season has just worn me down so I'm taking a bit of time to think and plan and read books and watch movies and play with the pup in the snow.  

But I'll also be taking the time to explore some new ideas for the shop, work on finishing some freelance projects, give the blog a little facelift and make business plans for the coming year.  

I'm so excited by some of the things that will be happening in 2010 and am very curious about what other surprises the year will bring me.  I hope to be sharing lots of good news!  

I'll be returning to the blog year on January 1st with a fun new opportunity to share with you.  Here's a hint:  I might have thing or two to teach you ;)  

Wishing you all the best on through the holidays and can't wait to be back for the new year!