A Cupful of Thanks

Wow, after my last post about being so crazy busy, I received so many kind emails, it just warmed my heart!  Rest assured, I'm definitely not going off the deep end and actually thrive on being constantly busy.  And I really do appreciate all the niceness from you, my lovelies!  

Today has ended up being a bit of a wash as far as working goes.  Although I am so diligent about keeping tracking of supplies that are running out, I ended up running out of an ink cartridge last night.  I ordered it yesterday with one day delivery and at 5pm I'm still sitting here waiting on it so I can begin preparing the days orders.  

On the upside of that little snafu, other things are finally getting done in my studio.  I ordered so lovely recycled brown paper a couple of weeks ago to start streamlining some of my packaging design and I just got around to using it today:  


And even though I declared in my last post that I would soon be outsourcing some of my paper good printing, I couldn't resist printing up some of these sweet thank you cards I designed for the recycled brown paper too:  

Bunnies 3
You can snag them here in packs of 10 with pretty red envelopes.  These will be lovely for your post-holiday thank you note writing!  

And lastly, I was able to mount a few prints today:  

Mounted prints 

I'll be putting final layers of gloss varnish over them later this evening and hope to have them popped into the shop tomorrow sometime.  They will be available for $25 each plus shipping and if you'd like to reserve one, please click on the Contact Me link at the top of the page.  


Oh and I almost forgot:  my Kokeshi Darling Calendar is featured in the Etsy Voter for this week, so please go on over and vote for it :)