Art Dolls for You by Me :)

Hi all!  

Just a quick reminder that there will be no shop update tomorrow afternoon.  I've been stretching myself a bit thin and needed a breather.  

But I've still been creating up a storm, working on new products and new illustrations so next week's update should be exciting.  

Here are two of my newest creations, just finished up over the weekend:  

Lil monster

Lil Monster Stuffie, inspired by my own printables.  This little guy's body is made of felt and cotton while his legs and arms are made from unbleached muslin that has been handpainted.
Kokeshi doll
And a handpainted Kokeshi Art Doll.  She is constructed entirely of unbleached muslin that has been handpainted and then lightly distressed so she feels a bit like really old leather.  

Both of these will be available in the next shop update.  Hopefully, by then I'll have some fun photos of them that don't involve my DVD collection!  

Would you like to reserve one of these? If so you can email me at sfizer at gmail dot com.  You can also email me if you'd like to request a custom stuffie like one of these :)  UPDATE:  the Kokeshi Art Doll has already been spoken for, but custom Kokeshi Art Dolls are available for $35 a piece plus shipping, contact me if you'd like to reserve one :)