Fairy Prints!

Fruitie Fairies

So I intended to illustrate a couple of new Tiny Flower Fairies but when I was working on some new printable designs, these adorable little fairies jumped into my head.  

I have literally been working feverishly for the last 12 hours, trying to get these finished up in time for tomorrow's update.  Orange Creamsicle, Key Lime Pie, Blueberry Cheesecake and Lemon Meringue will all be available around 3pm tomorrow.  They will be offered as 5 x 5 inche prints, however you can also request them in 8 x 8 sizes or mounted on a couple of different wood block options.  

They are soooo cute :)  

And for the stationery fiends among you, I will be offering simplified designs of each fairy in my Digital Sweets shop so you can download and print your own pretty stationery with these!  

A note on the cute little house prints below:  I've decided to hold off on releasing them this week.  After mulling a bit more over them, I don't feel that they fit with my current aesthetic, BUT I might be using the cute houses on stationery sets in the near future instead :)  

Enjoy your evening and hope to see you in the shop around 3pm EST tomorrow :)