It's Time to Write A Letter

Today, I'm making a personal pledge to write more notes and letters.  

As a young girl, I maintained a constant stream of letters to friends and family the world over.  And in return, I had a constant stream of letters and cards finding their way to my mail box.  

These days, I stay in touch with quick emails here and there.  Maybe a short phone call.  Perhaps a message on Facebook.  It's all so easy, but sort of impersonal.  

There is just something a bit special about taking a few minutes out of the day write a sweet note to someone far away.  Or even a friends who lives just down the street from you.  

So I'm making a personal pledge to write more letters and notes.  Maybe even pick up a penpal or two ;)  

And what better aid to my efforts then three sweet new mini letterhead sets from my shop:  

Books 2
I Heart Books Mini Letterhead Set.  You might recognize this illustration from me free print over at Indie Fixx a couple of months ago.  

Kokeshi 3


Each set includes 5 sheets of 5x7 lined letter paper which fold to fit into 3.5 x 5 envelopes which can be sealed with included round stickers.  Printed on a delicate matte finish stock that your pen will just glide across.  

Now I'm off to write a short letter and I hope you will do the same! 

Do you have any personal goals for writing more letters or just communicating more in general?