Shipping Fun + New Puppy

Just stopping in for a quick hooray today.  There are a lot of exciting things going on behind the scenes these days.  Plans are being formulated.  Plots are being executed even as I type. 

Sounds very sneaky, right? :)  

So here are a couple of little snippets to tide you over until I have new things to share.  

New shipping labels for orders and other mailings: 


Special discount coupons for the next 20 orders:  


Yep, the next 20 orders will receive a special coupon for $5 off their next order of $30 or more.  

Oh and then there is this:  


This is Leia(as in Princess Leia from Star Wars, yes we are nerdy).  She's the newest member of our crazy little family.   We adopted her from a shelter a couple of days ago and she is slowly learning to fit in with the rest of the family.  She doesn't seem to like men at all--except Seth who she took to immediately and just loves beyond anything else.  We're thinking that perhaps a man was mean to her at some point in her little 5 month life.  But she'll get settled in eventually :)  

Happy Thursday to all!  Now I'm off to paint some trinket boxes and possibly another batch of mini Kokeshi dolls :)