It's Posters!

So Animal ABC Posters have officially arrived:  

Animal ABC Posters 2

I nearly snatched these out of the UPS lady's hands, I was so excited about them.  

For those who pre-ordered, I will be popping these in the mail tomorrow.  For those who haven't ordered yet, I only have 25 in stock.  

Although I normally do all of my own printing here in my studio, I decided to have these printed out-of-house because of their larger size.  I was a bit nervous about this decision to relinquish a little control over printing, but in the end I'm pretty satisfied with how they turned out.  

They are printed on a 13pt matte recycled cover stock so they have a nice smooth texture and I think people are going to happy with the larger size.  My only beef with the final printing is that the reds--especially in the Owl and Xenops--are a bit more orange that I would prefer.  

But they are still gorgeous.  

And I still love them.  

That said, I'm hoping before the holidays to begin offering larger print options on most of the prints in my shop.  Keep your fingers crossed!