Woodland Animals + Teacups = Cute New Prints!

It's been a blissfully quiet holiday weekend for us.  Since we moved into the house, we've seen a constant stream of visitors so we decided to just stay home, cook out on our little back patio and just enjoy the quiet.  

The last few days have been fairly rainy and chilly--oddly so for the beginning of July--so it's been perfect to just open up the windows, grab a light blanket and sit down with a book.  Or work on new illustrations which are now in the shop:  

Teacup Bear copy
Teacup Fox copy
Teacup Owls copy

All three prints are currently available in the shop.  These are 7x9 inches printed on 8.5 x 11 paper so there is a wide white border for framing.  The printed image DOES have rounded corners.  If you'd like to purchase a smaller size, just let me know, as always.  

Now I'm running off to work on some new stationery and paper good designs!