Personalized Robot Couple Print

Happy Tuesday, darlings!

Do you ever have the feeling that you are working twice as hard as normal but only achieving half as much?  

I'm definitely having that feeling this week.  

But I'm still slowly wrapping up some new designs and projects.  

Printables for Digital Sweets are still on the way.  They are nearly finished now, but not exactly what I want, so there is more tinkering in the future :)

But I did finish a new addition to my regular shop:

Robot Couple copy
Robot Couple Personalized Prints are now available for $12 each.

You get to pick from a whole slew of fun colors plus add your own names to the print.  I think this print would make a great gift either for your sweetie or for a sweet couple you know.  

Wouldn't these also look so fun on quirky wedding invites?  

Here are a couple of other color samples:

Robot Sample 2

Robot Sample 1

So what do you think?