Halloween, already?

Happy Friday to everyone!  

This is pretty much a drive-by blogging to introduce a few new things.  

A few weeks ago, it dawned on me that with all my thinking ahead to holiday designs, I totally skipped Halloween--in my head, at least.  So now I'm in the process of revamping some old Halloween designs and working up a couple of new ones.  

First, I gave the ever-so-popular-all-year-round Boo to You notecards a sweet facelift:  

Boo flats 2

And then I designed some adorable Boo to You Halloween party invites too:

Invites 4
These are definitely more sweet than spooky :)

I don't know, I'm really into designing snazzy party invites at the moment.  Now I'm just hoping that someone will be just as excited to use them!  

Now I'm running off to post a couple of other new things and then back here to post another quickie blog :)