The Cutest Escape Artist and Other Random Stuff

So it's been about two months since we adopted Leia from the local animal shelter.  She has turned into the sweetest, most loving dog and other than a few scuffles with toilet paper and a fake tree in our living room, she's been pretty darned awesome. 


Until this afternoon when I busted her trying to dig a hole under our back fence.  I'm not quite sure if she was planning an escape or just being a silly puppy, but she did manage to scratch out a hole 6 inches wide and 6 inches deep before I caught her.  Silly pup :)  

Now here are some other random tidbits:  

Business Cards

Printed out a new batch of business cards today with The Boo Crew illustration.   I'm still convinced that most people just through business cards in the trash, so I can't bring myself to commit to ordering hundreds and hundreds of business cards.  Plus, I change my mind a lot and every time I do a new illustration that I'm just in love with, I want to chagne business cards.  So it's just easier for me to print up a hundred or so at one time, then change them as often as I want.  These will be used through Halloween :)  


I've been trying to come up with a new freebie to include in orders for a few weeks now, I feel like I've done everything that is cost effective and cute so I was getting ready to just print up some new bookmarks.  Then I started using these labels on my packages and since then I've gotten quite a few inquiries about whether or not I'm going to sell the labels.  The short answer is:  Nope.  These are just cute, simple labels I designed to spruce up my packages.  

But today, I thought, hey these would be a perfect and useful enclosure for my orders.  And so I printed up a stack of them and you can expect to start receiving them in orders from now on.  

And I promise a pretty new holiday label design will be available for purchase before you start mailing out those Christmas gifts and such :)