New Releases: Kokeshi Darling Calendar + Alice in Wonderland Single Postcards

Well, after much sketching, doodling, Photoshopping, test printing and sorting through different papers, I've finally finished and released the Kokeshi Darling Calendar:  

Kokeshi 3

Each page measures 5.5 x 8.5 inches and I found a gorgeous cotton paper to print them so not only are they sturdy enough to prop up, they also have a lovely texture too.  Now available here for $20.

This calendar is really intended to be hang/tacked up invidivually, but if you'd prefer, I can also add a ribbon and punch a center hole through the whole thing.  

For those who don't want/need/care about a calendar, I will also be offering these individual illustrations as prints.  I expect to be releasing those later today :)  

And also new in the shop:  single Alice in Wonderland postcards with envelopes.