Brilliant Blossoms Calendar: A Happy Accident

So after working working working to finish up the Kokeshi Darling Calendar, I was left a bit creatively spent for a couple of days.  Every day I sat down to work on projects that I still have in mind--a forest creatures calendar and another holiday card design among other things--and every day I just ended up so frustrated because nothing in my head would come out on paper.  

Usually my solution to this problem is just to take a break for a couple of days, relax and read a book or just tinker around the house.  

But this time I tried out something a bit different and am happy to say that it worked so well.  

Yesterday, I sat down at my desk and decided to just draw something simple.  I settled on some modern flower shapes, something I've always doodled in the margins of my notebooks.  

I liked those shapes a lot, so I tossed them over in Photoshop and started working with colors and textures a bit.  

In the end, I spent the whole day playing with these flower illustrations and by the end of it I had an entire floral calendar worked out!

Floral calendar 3

The little voice in the back of my mind screamed that the world didn't need yet another flower calendar, but I ignored it and just worked to make my calendar especially bright and bold.  

And I think it is.  

The waterlilies from July--pictured above--are my favorite of all the months, but the poppies from August are pretty sweet too: 

Floral calendar 2

And here is a glance at the remaining months: 

Floral Calendar Samples

I'm so excited that one little exercise to break my creative block lead to an entirely new product that I am so happy with.  

So you can now pick up the Brilliant Blossoms 2010 Calendar here.  It makes a cute gift for the holidays!

And happily, my creative block has gone away so I can finish working on some of my other ideas for the holidays and beyond!