Pinstripe Bunny Gets a Facelift

I'm in a pre-holiday flurry around here, trying to get new items released but also reworking a few old items rather than getting rid of them. 

So the Pinstripe Bunny Notecard Set got a bit of a facelift today:  

Pinstripe Bunny

See?  This dapper little bun got some brown dots around the edges and a splash of color with an orange border.  Make them super lovely for autumn, don't you think?  

Pinstripe Bunny 3

And now this set comes with 1.5 inch square glossy stickers and Kraft brown envelopes.  

Pinstripe Bunny 2

AND, now you get 10 cards/envelopes/stickers instead of just 8.  And this set has been upgraded to the pretty new clear plastic box packaging.  

What do you think?