Laboring Away As Usual

Happy Labor Day to those of you in the US :)  

One of the things I miss about having an office job is the excitment of getting an extra day off for a federal holiday!  But since I work at home now, it just feels like another day, but with the added bonus of having Seth home with me all day.  

Honestly, I didn't even remember it was Labor Day until like Friday afternoon.  Seriously.  

After working 7 days of 12-14 hours days last week, I finally managed to relax a bit over this past weekend.  But now it's back to work on so many new things!  

Most of those new things aren't ready to share yet, but I've got a few little glimpses from my studio to share today: 

Snow white
I'm just finishing up some custom mounted prints featuring my fairytale portrait prints.  I recently made the switch from matte to gloss varnish and the final look on these mounted prints is AMAZING.

Custom kite girl

Also just finished up a custom designed mounted print using my Best Kind of Day illustration.  The client really loved this illustration but needed some changes made to coordinate with a very special little girl's bedroom.  And we added the first verse of You Are My Sunshine as well.  So cute!

Boo to you

And I got around to framing a Boo Crew print for my studio!  I nabbed this frame for a dollar at AC Moore months ago and never found a use for it, but it adds a great contrast to this Halloween print :)  

Also keep your eyes peeled for a mounted version of this print to be released later this week!  

Kokeshi Thumbnails
And LOOK! it's tiny thumbnail sketches of my 2010 Kokeshi Doll Calendar!  I'm so thrilled with how lovely this calendar is going to be and hope to have it ready to release before the end of the month :)  


Now I'm off to mount some more prints, work on those Kokeshi Doll illustrations and enjoy a quiet little cookout with the boyfriend later.  

PS--Later this evening, I will be posting a new blog giveaway.  Hint:  It will involve some decision making and holiday cards!