Another Year

Happy 2010!

You know, when I was a kid I always imagined that 2010 would look a lot like the Jetsons cartoon, very space age.  Everyone would be dressed in silver jumpsuits and we would all drive hover cars.  

I guess I was a little off, but I'm happy with the way things are in my little world  

Last year was pretty great, we bought our first home, got engaged and even though the economy kinda sucked my business grew by leaps and bounds.  So I'm looking forward to the coming year and all the excited that will come along with it!  

For 2010 my big resolution is to:  

Work Smarter 

{feel free to snag this image, print out a copy and stick up on your wall/fridge/cubicle/inspiration board.  just click on it to make it larger, then right click to save to your computer.}

And while it's not really a resolution, more of a challenge, I am also starting Project 365 today in which I take a photo every single day for the next year.  I'll be posting them here under the Daily Photo category but will also maintain a Flickr account just for those photos.  

On the blog front, I am starting new weekly columns and plan to share a lot more of my work and life here.  Tuesdays will now be home to the Inspired By column which will feature an assortment of my inspirations.  Thursdays will be Decorate This day, which will help you coordinate items with my work.  And Saturday will be Quote That day, where I share from my colossal collection of quotes, these will be printable as well.  


I will be offering an e-course this year called Flourish that will be all about turning your creativity into a business.  The course will be 5 weeks running from February 1-March 7, allowing you to progress at your own pace.  The only requirements are a willingness to learn and explore and of course an internet connection. 

Registration and additional information on the course will be available Monday via a large icon that will be added to the sidebar of this page.  Don't worry, it will be easy to find. 

Topics to be covered will include:  writing a business plan, accounting & taxes, finding your niche, communication, blogging & social networking, marketing, staying organized, work/life balance and other creative business-related topics.  Material will be presented through written posts and video and you will have the chance to ask questions and interact throughout the session.  Registration will be limited.  


Oh and before I forget, here is January's print:  

As Long As You Hold Me Tight
As Long As You Hold Me Tight is a limited edition 5x7 print.  Only 50 of these will be available.  

Wishing you a truly blissful New Year!