Pretty Packaging

Part of my 2010 resolution to Work Smarter involves rethinking some of my printing and packaging practices here in the studio.  

This week in particular has been spent on printing enormous batches of stickers, notecards and valentines:  


My theory is that by having a couple of big printing days each month, most items will be on hand to package quickly and I, in turn, will be less stressed out and have more time to work on new projects and releases.  

In addition, I'm streamlining a lot of my item packaging.  Simplifying.  In a lovely way.  So here is the new design for sticker packs that I just finished testing today: 

Stickers 2
Simple but sweet.  


I love these little glassine envelopes and am ever-so-glad that Elizabeth from Nella Designs brought them to my attention. 

All sticker packs will now be shipping with this new and improved looked, including the new packs that will be released in the shop later this week(hint:  think robots!).

What do you think of my newer, simpler sticker packaging?