Decorate This: Animal Alphabet Print

This year it's my intention to share some decorating ideas to help you start building around my illustrations.  In addition, I'd love to start featuring glimpses of how others are displaying my artwork in their homes.  So if you own a print or an original and would like to share, please feel free to email a couple of photos of your space to

For today, I'm taking a look at my newly released Animal Alphabet Large Print:

Decorate This 

1.  Animal Alphabet Large Art Print by Stephanie Fizer

2.  Alphabet Hooks from Anthropologie

3.  White Porcelain Bird by Monkeys Always Look

4.  Spectrum Gallery Frame from Dick Blick (since we don't have an Ikea closer than 6 hours away, I order a lot of frames from Dick Blick because they have a nice color selection)

5.  Lil Hoot by Manic Muffin Totes