Library: How To Draw Anime & Game Characters

Well, obviously it's been ages since I updated my Library of a Self-Taught Artist section, so today instead of highlighting just a single book, I'm going to recommend a small series of books called How to Draw Anime and Game Characters.  There are five volumes in the set each focusing on a different topic:  

Vol. 1 Basics for Beginners and Beyond

Vol. 2: Expressing Emotions


Vol. 3: Bringing Daily Actions to Life 

Vol. 4: Mastering Battle and Action Moves

Vol. 5: Bishoujo Game Characters

And I know you're probably thinking something along the lines of "but she doesn't draw anime characters."  And you'd be right.  But remember when I started drawing 7 years ago I was an absolute beginner so I studied and learned to draw things that I liked:  comic characters, anime characters and fairies.  

This small series of book served as a great little crash course for me and helped me move beyond drawing what were essentially stick figures with clothes.

Even if anime isn't necessary up your alley, these books still have good, solid lessons on basics like anatomy, facial expressions and creating a sense of movement in your work.  Although the translation to English isn't the greatest, it's really secondary to the pages upon pages of drawing and demonstration.  

Although I've cleaned out my bookshelves several times since buying these books, I've actually kept two from the series:  Vol. 3 and Vol. 4.  I often refer back to these when I am looking for a bit of a refresher from a creative block.  I still enjoy sketching out the anime characters from the book then turning them into Stephanie-style characters.