Hello Autumn!

Although my husband just lives for the sweltering heat of summer, October is my favorite month of all.  For me it's just the perfect time of year, a lovely time of transition and you have to admit there is just a certain crispness in the air during October that you don't find at any other time of the year. 

A Certain Crispness In The Air 

So although autumn technically started a couple of weeks ago, I'm taking time today to share a few things that I just love about this time of year:  

-Autumn flowers!  I just planted some beautiful mums and asters to spruce up my flower gardens for the fall seasons.


-Halloween!  After a few years Seth's enthusiasm for the holiday has rubbed off on me too.  And Halloween decor is just fun!  

-Cups and cups of hot green tea and the occasional splurge on a cup of hot chocolate.  Admittedly I drink hot green tea all year, but I drink it in large quantities during the chilly months.  It's very comforting to me. 

-Soup!  Yep, I love making tasty homemade soups and the cooler weather is the perfect excuse to slow cook some veggie soup or lentil stew.  Add some homemade croutons and I am in heaven. 

-Falling leaves!  Around here the leaves slowly change colors and fall over a period of 2 or 3 months.  We're surrounded by hills and forest, so the colors in autumn are always breathtaking.  I'm sure when it's time to clean all the leaves out of our backyard, I'll be feeling less excited about them ;)  


-Sweater weather!  I love that it's chilly enough in the mornings and evenings right now for cardigans and hoodies, but warm and sunshiney enough in the afternoon for short sleeves.  I would love to have this weather all year round!  

-Football!  Most Sundays will find me parked in front of the TV, decked out in my Patriots gear, cheering and/or yelling for my team.  The husband, who isn't so much into sports, thinks I'm a crazy person.  

-Inspiration!  Although every transition to a new season finds me inspired and happy, I find that especially in autumn I'm just brimming over with inspiration and ideas.  Now if I could only find the hours in the days to work on every new idea!

That's it for me.  

But what is your favorite thing about fall?  

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