Limited Edition Calendar

I have a surprise today!  

As you probably know, I've spent part of the last year working on a monthly series of cute illustrations which you can see here.  My original intention was to use them for a 2011 calendar design, which obviously didn't happen :D  

But quite a few of you have contacted me asking about it, so guess what?  I've released a super limited edition calendar just for you:

Calendar 3

Unlike the other calendars in my shop, this one does NOT have a case.  But it is designed so that at the end of each month, you can snip the calendar part off and frame the remaining print or send it as a postcard.  

Now here's the important part:  This is a limited edition calendar, there will only be 25 of these available.  Each will come with a numbered cover sheet.

Calendar 4

And if you're interested in purchasing An Illustrated Year of Cuteness 2011 Calendar you can nab one here.  If you click on the link and find that the item is sold out, be sure to check this section of my shop.  Items are normally relisted within a few minutes as long as they are still in stock.  

And one more new addition to the shop today, a new print:

Over the Moon 13x19 copy

Over the Moon is currently available here.  It is available in sizes from 5x7 to 13x19, feel free to contact me if you don't see the size you need.  


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