Limited Edition Wall Calendars

We're enjoying the first snow of the season today.  I'm not a big fan of cold weather, but if it's going to be this cold it should at least have the decency to snow, right?  

It's been a good day to spend here in my studio with a cup of raspberry hot chocolate, a stack of orders to ship out and a few new projects to be working on.  Now if I could just figure how to add more hours to my day, I'd be all set!  

I did find time today to add my new limited edition wall versions of the Kokeshi Darling and Dazzling Darlings calendars:

Kokeshi 4

Kokeshi Darling 2011 Limited Edition Wall Calendar


Dazzling Darlings 2011 Limited Edition Wall Calendar

Each calendar is a limited edition of 50 and comes with an individual calendar sheet for each month along with a numbered cover sheet.  My favorite thing about these calendars?  Once the month is over, you can snip off the calendar part and you've got a lovely art print.  

For more info about these new calendars or to grab one, visit my Etsy shop.