Gift Tags Inspired by Betz White

Happy Friday, lovelies!  

Today has been all about packaging orders, sipping hot cocoa, enjoying the snow flurries out my window and listening to holiday tunes streaming on Pandora.  So I figured since I'm so very much in the holiday mood, it would be a good day to share some pics of my holiday gift wrapping.  

I always try to add a little handmade touch to my gift wrapping without making it so complicated that I'll never get it finished.  This year I happened to see this post from the uber talented Betz White and I thought the little rosettes would make particularly sweet toppers for gifts. 

So I dug sheets and sheets of colorful felt out of my craft supplies and set to making rosettes by following Betz's tutorial(although mine don't look nearly as pretty as hers do!).  You know me, I'm not traditional when it comes to holiday colors, so I made rosettes in all sorts of colors:  pink, red, white, blue, green and yes, orange!

I also happened to have a sheet of festive glittery dark green felt so I used this to snip individual little leaves for the rosettes.  

And because I wanted to double these toppers as gift tags, I used a 3 inch punch to make pretty scalloped circles.  And voila!

Xmas 3

I used a dab of hot glue to secure the leaves and the rosettes to the white circle tags and then either taped or hot glued the tags to the packages--depending on whether they were staying at our house or being dragged all around to be gifted :D  

 Xmas 2


Sadly, a certain adorable dog feasted on a few of the rosettes, tags and the packages themselves.  It was quite a little mess, but balance has been restored in the world.  New rosettes and tags were made for packages and no gifts were harmed.  But of course, all of my lovely gifts are no longer residing under my lovely Christmas tree but on my dining room table instead.  


She looks totally innocent, right?