Yep, I'm Still Here

Wow, is it already the second week of February?  What a busy year this has been so far!  I've been working diligently to get all the Valentine's orders out the door and am happy to say that the final batch of them got shipped out this morning and should arrive just in time.  

Last week, Santoro in London released my first greeting card as part of their Eclectic Selection series:


These are printed on gorgeous textured paper and come with pretty blue envelopes too.  And I'm excited to say that there will be a few more cards available through Santoro later this year!

I've been doodling and painting a lot, planning some new releases for my shop:

We've had tons of snow so far this year, which the pup is just loving:

We also had some visitors a couple of weeks ago.  Two Border Collies, Baxter and Molly spent a week with us while their owner was enjoying a trip to Orlando.  Leia also just loved them:

And after living in our new house for 7 months, I'm finally ready to get back to working on some home improvement projects.  Getting both of our bathrooms painted is high on the list, but I'm also ready to start working on my studio space:

Right now, there is a lot of unfinished knotty pine.  Everyone says it is lovely, but I absolutely hate it and will be undertaking the not-so-fun job of painting it all.

And I'm also planning a simple mural of trees and birds on the back wall.  

The big question is when will I find time to do it? 

For now, I'm back to working on a companion illustration for the Bookish Owl that I hope to share with you tomorrow!