Friday, March 12, 2010 at 09:49 AM

Well, hello Friday, how in the world did you get here so quickly?  Wow, this week just flew by and I'm sitting here feeling like I didn't get all that much done.  Although that's probably a good thing since I have quite a bit planned for this weekend.  

I'm working on a small series of handmade pocket notebooks for the shop: 


They will be available in super-limited quantities in the next couple of weeks or so.  

And I'm also working on the finishing touches for our upstairs bathroom which used to look like this: 


Boring, right?  

I spent the beginning of this week painting it this lovely Green Suede color and this weekend I'll be trimming it out in Snow Cap: 


This weekend I'm also hoping to hang the new medicine cabinet, properly hang the pretty new curtains and frame up some little bits and pieces for the walls.  It's looking really fresh and cute so far, I can't wait to share pictures of the finished bathroom!


When we bought this house back in June, I thought it would be a breeze to get all of the rooms painted and decorated.  But we spent most of our time sprucing up the outside of the house, getting new windows installed and filling in the ENORMOUS hole that was in our backyard.  This spring we've still got a bit of outside work to take care of, but I'm ready to tackle painting and decorating the inside as well.  

The bright orange kitchen I painted in July?  Well, I think I've decided to paint it red instead, so repainting that might be my first project.  

But I've also got the downstairs bathroom, dining room, living room, my studio and our bedroom to paint as well.  There will definitely be more photos here as I progress through the whole fun redecorating process.  

Hoping your weekend is as fun and productive as mine looks to be!