Hummingbirds and Chickadees

Happy Monday!  Wow, the weekend just whizzed by just as quickly as last week did!  I think I jinxed the nice weather by picking up new patio furniture on Saturday.  Yes, I made the sun go away.  It's been in the 40s for the last couple of days, not exactly weather to hang out on the back patio.  

Oh well, I did stay inside and finish up the remaining 3 bird illustrations for my bathroom redecoration:  

Chickadee 4x6 copy 

Hummingbird 2 4x6 copy 

Chickadee 2 4x6 copy 

Although I didn't manage to finish painting the trim in the my bathroom yet, here's a quick glance at the set of 4 illustration in their little white frames just waiting to go up on the wall:


Between this blog, Facebook, Twitter and several emails, there has been such a lovely response to these bird illustrations that I will be adding them to the shop later today!  

Wishing you all a lovely week!