Flourish: June Session e-Course


For those who don't know, I just wrapped up my first session of my e-course, Flourish, a couple of weeks ago.  My intention in writing the course was to be able to share my creative business knowledge with others who'd like to follow in my path of ditching the day job and making a living from their creativity.  

I was a bit nervous at first about teaching an e-course but I also felt and feel that it is really important to have solid resources when starting out on the journey of self-employment.  I'll admit, I don't have all of the answers, but I have enough of them to provide a really solid foundation for those wishing to start up their own creative business.  

Now after the five week course has ended, I just feel so thankful that I've been able to share my knowledge and resources with such lovely ladies. I love that not only did I get to teach, but I got to answer questions that really made me think about my own business as well.  It's a wonderful thing, getting to wake up every morning to do the job you truly love.  And it's even more wonderful to help others start along a similar path.  

Right after registration closed for the first session, I had a few requests for another session of the course, so I've decided to set up a June session of Flourish.  The course will run May 31 to July 2 and you can find more information and register here

The June session will be the last one offered for 2010.  

Teaching this course has opened a whole new area of creativity for me.  There is already another workshop in the works, this one dealing more with creativity and I'm also making some notes on a possible e-book idea that just blossomed.  

If you have questions about the June session of Flourish or anything else, please feel free to click the Contact Me button up in the navigation bar.