Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I finally got around to finishing up the last Wizard of Oz illustration for the shop:

Follow the Yellow Brick Road is currently available in the shop along with:

The Good One and:

I recommend the 11 x 14 size of the group print and then 5 x 7 prints of the witches to hang along side it, so that's how they are currently listed in the shop.  However, all three prints are available in sizes 5 x 7, 8 x 10, 11 x 14 and 13 x 19, so feel free to request those as well.  


If you haven't yet, cast your vote for your favorite notepad design and be entered to win a notepad with the winning design.  Right now, the Bookish Owl design is quite ahead in the vote.  


And for the month of April, I will be busy working on some commissioned projects so there won't be a lot of new work added to the shop during that time.  I also won't be accepting a lot of custom requests during that time, so please make your requests within the next week, especially if you would like a set of mini notebooks.  I will still be shipping orders and answering emails on a regular basis though.