Now With Postcards

Yes, I am still on that mission to Work Smarter, Not Harder in 2010.  So to that end, I ordered an enormous batch of postcards, which I received in the mail last week and started sorting and packaging:


These are now replacing the old flat notecards that I used to print/cut here in my studio:  Alice in Wonderland, Kokeshi Darling, Teacups in the Little Forest, Robot Six, and Bookish Owls.

It was a tough decision, deciding to outsource a bit of my printing.  I will admit to being a bit of a control freak, especially where my business is concerned.  But there just comes a point with any small business where you have to admit that you can no longer do everything yourself.  I'm so glad I made the decision to start outsourcing some of my paper goods printing because not only are the products still gorgeous, but now I've got more time to work on new products and designs.  And I can actually take a day off now without feeling terribly guilty about it!  Well, not too guilty about it :)  

Now, this will bring about a bit of a change in the paper goods section of my shop.  Mainly, that most new stationery will be in the form of these lovely postcards from now on.  However, I will be adding a new line of personalized notecards and invitations over the next few months that I will still be personally printing here in my studio.  

And another change is that a few of my existing notecard sets will be retired at the end of this month:

A Cupful of Thanks Flat Notecards Set of 10 Teacups in the Little Forest Series

A Cupful of Thanks

I Heart Tea Flat Notecards Set of 5

I Heart Tea

Kite Girl Flat Notecard Set of 6

Kite Girl

Live Love Bloom Blue Flat Notecards Set of 8

Live Love Bloom(in Blue)

Live Love Bloom Grey Flat Notecards Set of 8

Live Love Bloom(in grey)

Pinstripe Bunny Flat Notecard Set of 10

Pinstripe Bunny

So if you've had your eye on any of these lovelies, they will only be available through the end of May!