In The Mail: New Business Cards

I've always been a bit DIY about my business cards, mostly because I change my mind a lot when it comes to designs for myself and inevitably end up doing at least 4 or 5 business card designs within a year.  But it's a lot of printing and cutting for me.  And again, I'm on this whole crusade to streamline my business.  Work smarter, not harder, remember?  

So yeah, printing and cutting business cards for myself?  It's one of those time-consuming tasks that I've decided I can do without.  So on Wednesday I finally placed a big order for business cards and I just received them this morning:  

Business card 

I've coordinated them with the blog header and I think they look pretty snazzy.  These will be tucked in with all orders now and I'm hoping to get myself in the habit of carrying a few of these with me at all times to give to those who are curious about my work.  

Happy Friday!