Mums Pattern Set

You know, I was just bragging a few weeks ago that I rarely get sick now that I work from home.  I should have known that as soon as those words fell out of my mouth, I would get sick.  It's just a bit of a head cold, but it was bad enough that I spent most of yesterday sitting on the couch, sipping green tea and watching season one of Angel.  

Today, I'm feeling quite a bit better, although I'm still hanging out to a sore throat and general achy blah feeling.  So I'm taking it sort of slow today, but still trying to play catch up from yesterday.  

I started off the day working on a pretty new pattern set: 


And now I think it's time for more green tea sipping and streaming the second season of Angel on Netflix before I spend the evening packing orders and working out some new sketch ideas.  

PS--winner of the custom Kokeshi doll will be announced later this evening!