Nothing a Coat of Paint Can't Fix

Oh is it Monday already?  

I'm hoping you had a productive and creative weekend.  Mine was typically busy, but oddly relaxing.  I finally broke done and bought myself an iPad on Saturday, so I wasted several hours messing around with it and downloading apps.  But also managed to do a bit of work, a bit of shopping and a bit of home improvement. 

I also tackled a teeny tiny little home decor project.  

I've had this little set of owls since I moved into this house about a year ago:  


The funny thing about moving from an apartment to a house is that you suddenly have a lot more space to put things, but not so many things to put places.  In an attempt to help me remedy this little situation, my mom has been picking up random odds and ends that she thinks I might like.  

These owls were a $2 yard sale find.  

And yes, I love owls.

But this couple just never quite fit in with my decor, or at least where I'd like to eventually take my decor.  So after staring at them on the mantle for months, I decided Friday to try to paint them.  

So two layers of gesso and two coats of turquoise green paint and here we are: 

Owls 2 

So yeah, it's nothing that a bit of paint couldn't fix!  Now I just love them. 

What do you think?