My Studio: A Year Later

It's been a year since we moved from our apartment into our first house.  A real home to make our very own.  

In my innocence, I figured that we could just zip right through our two page list of necessary home improvements, that I would have everything finished up within 2 or 3 months.  Oh yes, I was silly.  In reality we've marked about 1/4 of the things off that two page list which isn't bad, including some big stuff like new windows and gutters.  

I guess I never realized how time-consuming home improvement could get!  

One of the things we haven't quite gotten around to is painting my studio and staining the woodwork.  Although in the last year I have managed to clutter up my studio quite a bit, so I thought I would share some before and after photos today!

Here's what my studio looked like right after we moved in last year:  


Pretty bare, right?  

And here's what it looks like now:

Studio 1 

This is my utility desk where I cut and package orders, sketch and paint.  Although you can't tell from the obnoxious sunny glare, I still have a gorgeous view of the garden and pond next door.  

The baker's rack to the left is where I'm currently storing some of my shipping supplies, etc, for easy access when I'm packaging orders.  I also use it to store some products and some paint supplies.  

The bookshelf on the right holds a random assortment of books and will probably be painted in the fall.  

Studio 3 

This is the work desk side of my studio now.  My laptop, desktop computer, and printers live over here.  It's where I spend a large part of my day, working and wasting time on the internet.  Yes, that is a pink filing cabinet.  

Studio 2 

And this is the kind of scary looking side of my studio.  It's normally not quite so messy, but I'm working on a couple of big wholesale orders right now, so I've got lots of boxes of supplies sitting around with nowhere to go just yet.  This side of my studio is mostly for storage and random odds/ends.  

Ideally, in the fall I'll finally get around to staining or painting the wood--which I have a love/hate with--and painting the walls.  I'm also hoping to build a bookcase on one wall for storage/organization and find a huge L-shaped workstation to combine both of my current workspaces.  If all goes as planned :)