Decorate This: Nella Designs

So I figure now that we've been in this house for a year, it might be a good time to actually starting painting and decorating my studio space!  I know, I know, you would think that since I work up here all day and half the night, it would be top on my priority list.  But an apparent inability to decide on a paint color has really hindered my progress.  I'm sure the lovely people at Lowe's refer to me as 'that crazy lady who is constantly coming in for different paint chips.'  

I've narrowed it down though.  And I've also picked up new desks and shelves for more storage.  And I'm finally starting to go through my favorite artists on Etsy to pick out tons of prints and postcards for my studio walls.  

One of my favs, someone who has actually become quite the lovely friend to me, is Elizabeth from Nella Designs.  She is a purveyor of lovely silhouette prints in brilliant colors as well as elegant personalized paper goods.  

Here are a couple of my loves from her shop:

Image of Love Me Do Personalized Print

Love Me Do

Although Seth will probably think it is totally dorky, I'm still thinking about ordering one of these to hang in my studio.  

Image of You Are My Sunshine Large Poster

You Are My Sunshine Large Poster

Although this may not fit with the colors I've got planned for my studio, I'll still be keeping it in mind for any future baby shower gifts!

Image of Personalized Summer Bloom Bookplates

Personalized Summer Bloom Bookplates

Bookplates have been an obsession of mine over the last year or so.  My books are some of my dearest possessions, so honestly, I'm not too big on loaning them out.  Even so, I still like to have pretty bookplates on the inside covers.  

Nella Designs just launched a new store where you now have the ability to pick customized colors and quantities for each item.  And to celebrate Elizabeth is generously offering 10% off your order for the rest of July plus a free gift.  To take advantage, you'll need to use discount code Nella10 during the checkout process. 

If you'd like to learn more about Elizabeth of Nella Designs, you can check out her blog or catch up with her on Twitter.