Sketch Challenge: Monsters, Final Part

Ok, I'm going to admit it:  I cheated on a tiny on the last day of my sketch challenge--which was yesterday, the day when I was test printing and listing this enormous batch of prints.  So I slacked off on the last day of the monsters-themed sketch challenge.  But here are monsters 12 and 13: 

Monsters 12 and 13 

And then I just decided to combine the monster theme with the new theme which is very simply 'girls.'  A girl a day for the next 14 days and here's the first:

Girl 1 

Well, witches are kinda sorta monsters, right?  

For those who've asked, these are just quick pencil sketches that I scan in and color loosely ni Photoshop.  Although my initial time constraint was 30 minutes for each one, I've been doing these in a lot less:  probably 5 minutes for each.  If I give myself more time than that, I start getting too concerned about textures and details and will end up losing half a day working on what is supposed to be a quick sketch :)