July: Afloat

I suppose it's better late than never:  I finally finished the new print for July in the monthly series I've been working on.  You can find the rest of the series here.

The weather was fairly miserable during June, really hot and really humid almost every day.  Just gross, really.  Makes me wish I didn't have a house that was built on the side of a hill and surrounded by trees.  You know, so I could have a pool put in.  Oh well, I'm making a note that our next house will either a) have a pool or b) have room in the backyard to make a pool happen.  I'm serious.  

Well, in lieu of being able to float around myself, I drew a cute blonde girl floating around:


She's available right here in a limited edition run of 50 prints.  If you'd like to purchase her in a print size larger than 5 x 7, just ask.  

Oh and here's the rough sketch, for those who are interested: 

Afloat sketch 

  Wishing everyone a lovely long weekend!