Sketch Challenge: Monsters

Wishing everyone a Happy 4th!  

We're already exhausted and stuffed full of food, so I slid up to my studio to work on a sketch challenge I started a few days ago.  Just a little something I thought up to keep me on my toes and provide a bit of creative refreshment.  

You know the story, as my business grows, I have less time for just random sketching and doodling.  And usually when I do have time, I'm just tired and sometimes uninspired.  Enter this self-initiated sketch challenge.  

I'm giving myself a general topic and for 14 days will spend 30 minutes each day working on a rough illustration on that topic.  I know 14 days seems kind of random, but I thought that 30 days of illustrating the same topic might get old and I would more than likely fail.  So 14 days for each topic.  And only 30 minutes to spend on the drawing, so I don't get too wrapped up in details and trying to decide on colors, etc.  

The topic for this first 2 week challenge period is:  monsters.  

Cute monsters, of course.  

Here is the result of the first three days of the challenge:  


And hey, they are all appropriately themed for 4th of July too! 

I'll be posting more of these little sketch/doodle/rough illustrations a couple of times in week.  Enjoy!