New Name, New Hair, Same Me

I don't know if it's like this for everyone, but I've been agonizing over whether or not to change my last name pretty much since I got engaged last year, constantly waffling back and forth and never really reaching a decision.  Lucky for me, the state of NC, where I got married doesn't require you to make that decision when you apply for a marriage license, so I got a few more weeks to worry over it.  

In the end, I've decided to add my husband's name to my name, but still keep my last name as well.  Best of both worlds, right?  What it came down to was a matter of convenience.  In the long run, I'm sure I will be glad that I did it.  I'm sure that it will make life much simpler.  And as far as my business is concerned, I will still be Stephanie Fizer.  

I'll admit, I may have shed a tear or two on the way to the DMV to make my name change official.  I felt like I was having some crazy identity crisis or something, as if I was admitting that the old Stephanie wasn't good enough so let's just try a new version.  Weird, right?  

Anyway, to celebrate the name change and cheer myself up, I also decided to go with a big hair change as well.  After wearing my hair long for the last couple of years, I've gone back to my sassy above the shoulder 'do:  

New hair 

And you know what the funny but awesome thing is?  After a new name and new hair, I'm still the same fantastic me that I've always been.  And now it just seems silly that I worried so much about adding his name to mine.