And Then We Said I Do. . .

As promised, I'm dropping in today to share a few photos from my wedding last week.  All of the photos I'm sharing here were taken by the wonderful Kip Beech of Middle Child Photography.

When I got engaged back in December, I did what every girl does:  I ran out and bought a stack of wedding magazines to start looking through.  And almost immediately I realized that a typical sort of wedding just wasn't for us, so after a bit of chatting with our families we decided to elope instead.  Since we were already planning a vacation to the tiny community of Holden Beach, we figured it would be a great elopement location too.  And it was perfect for us, very quaint and quiet.  

We set up a date with the officiant and photographer.  We ordered our rings.  I made my own boutique from vintage brooches and some craft store finds as well.  And then although I bought at least 4 pretty white dresses, I settled on this lovely purple one instead at the last minute.  

Our ceremony was simple and sweet followed by a round of fun photographs and a quick dip in the ocean:  





I didn't have a white dress or a big ceremony or tons of guests, but for us, it was perfect :)

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