52 Creative Weeks #2: Scraps

I've developed this habit over the last few years of hoarding scrapbook papers.  Every time I'm in an art supply or craft store, I end up buying just a couple of sheets even though I know darned good and well and they will just end up in my scrap pile with the rest of it.  Because I use so much color/pattern/texture in my own work, I find my piles of scrap papers to be quite inspirational, but even so it makes me sort of sad to just see the paper sitting there with no purpose.  

A couple of times a year, I'll try to clean it out and I'll send it off to friends or readers who are super crafty scrappers or cardmakers, knowing that they will put it to good use.  But inevitably I still hold on to just a few pieces, just my favorites.  You know, just in case I need them.  

And then I just buy more paper and rebuild the whole pile again.  


These are actually sheets from a paper pack I designed for MFT Stamps a couple of years ago.

After a bit of rummaging through my studio over the past few days, looking through my supplies and thinking up how to use them for my 52 Creative Weeks, I finally stumbled upon a lovely and creative use for my extra scrapbook papers. . .and for the enormous stack of wood panels I've got on hand:  


All told, I've got about 50 panels in stock in various sizes and thicknesses.  Some of those of course are going to be used eventually for mounting prints to add to my shop.  But I'm keeping some of the smaller ones for myself and am using them to mount up some of my favorite scrap paper designs.  

I've been collecting art prints from some of my favorite artists over the last few months, planning to start a couple of small gallery walls in my house.  But I never get started on actually hanging the prints because I don't feel like I have enough to hang yet, you know?  So my theory is that some simple mounted papers will provide a little extra something that I needed.  

Pictures of the finished mounted papers and a short tutorial will come later this week!