Sketched & Revised: Fairy Sweet Valentines

 Part of my sketch and revision process for creating my Fairy Sweet valentines:  

Sketches orignal

These are the original sketches I came up with when I decided I wanted to illustrate some fairies for my school valentine designs this year.  So I started working on one and came up with this finished piece:


I liked it but it just wasn't quite right, so I tinkered around with the design and layout a bit, tried to add lineart and make a few other tweaks but in the end headed back to the drawing board.  I decided that I wanted the fairies to look much younger, so I worked on revised sketches:  

Sketches revised

It's really the same basic idea, but the fairies are smaller and much more adorable.  I sketched these with a boring old ballpoint pen, so I scanned them into Photoshop and made a few adjustments before I started on the illustrations.  And here's the final product: