52 Creative Weeks #2

Here's quick funny story about my second project for 52 Creative Weeks.  I decided to mount some scraps of paper I had lying around my studio with plans to use them along with some prints I've ordered from other artists to start a small gallery wall in my dining room.  I've lived in this house for over a year now and my dining room walls are empty because I've never been able to find the perfect piece of art.  I finally found a few pieces to fit the wall in question and then guess what?  I went shopping with my mom today and ended up buying the perfect large piece to fit the big wall in my dining room!  

So now these mounts and the prints I'm having framed will need to find a new wall to decorate.  But I'm sure I'll still find the perfect place for them!  

In the meantime, here's the quick tutorial for this week's project.  


Here's what I started with:  6x6 artist panels from Dick Blick, 6x6 sheets of scrapbook paper, an old 1 inch paintbrush and some Liquitex Gloss Gel, which I'm using as both an adhesive and a glossy varnish. 


I choose paper to coordinate with some prints that I've purchased, since the original plan was to hang these mounts along with the prints.  I decorate my house much like I create my illustrations, with lots of color, texture and pattern.  


These Artist's Boards from Dick Blick are MDF mounted on a wood cradle.  They are available in all sorts of sizes and are perfect for mounting prints, papers or pictures.  In the event that you can't get something like this, you can also mount paper to stretched canvas panels although the result isn't quite as neat.  

Since I like the way the sides of these look already, I'm leaving them natural but you could always gesso and paint the sides any color during this step.  


I use my old paintbrush to apply a thin layer of Liquitex Gloss Gel to the panels themselves, then adhere the papers to the panels, pressing down all the edges to make sure they are securely held.  The key is having a thin layer only, otherwise your paper will bubble, warp and end up not every pretty.  

Then I let it dry for a few hours, at least 4 but most of the time I let it go over night just to be sure!


Final step, I add a couple of coats of Liquitex Gloss Gel on the tops and sides of each panel, allowing several hours of drying time between each coat.  I love this Gloss Gel because it retains the strokes from your brush and it really makes the colors pop with its glossy finish.

 And that's it!

I'll be sure to share more pics when these find a wall to hang on along with their partner prints. 

Now, I've got Golden Globes to watch and AFC Championship games to cry amount :D